When Do Your Priorities Become Your Distractions?

I was listening to the Minimalists podcast the other day and something Joshua said really struck me. He explained that there wasn’t a plural to the word ‘priority’ until quite recently, in the last century or so. The idea that a multitude of things can be extremely important to us is a modern invention, butContinue reading “When Do Your Priorities Become Your Distractions?”

3 Steps to a Healthy Sexual Relationship – Emily Nagoski

Having a strong sexual connection in a relationship is important to many people. It can be difficult to maintain this connection as other areas of our lives get in the way. In her TED talk Emily outlines a few things that couples can do to maintain a strong sexual connection. 1) Make sure you haveContinue reading “3 Steps to a Healthy Sexual Relationship – Emily Nagoski”

Minimalism Explained

Minimalism is a method of thinking about the things we keep in our lives. The most obvious way it is applied is to your possessions, but it can be used to improve many parts of your life. Possessions The things we keep have large effect on us. As well as occupying a physical space, eachContinue reading “Minimalism Explained”