Get better at anything – David Bayles

This story is based on making art, but the principal can be used for any endeavour you want to get better at. A pottery class was split into two groups. One was instructed to make as many pots as possible, and that they would be marked just on how many pots they produced. The otherContinue reading “Get better at anything – David Bayles”

Building an Audience? Start With “Why?” – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a one of the foremost advocates of value-centric business. In his ‘Start With Why’ speech, Simon talks about how to use core values to inform the messages we put across, and the effect it can have on your audience. He uses examples like Apple, Martin Luther King Jr and the Wright brothersContinue reading “Building an Audience? Start With “Why?” – Simon Sinek”

Marketing: the Gary Vee Method

Gary Vee promotes content marketing above all else. In marketing there also needs to be an understanding about what is your brand message, and the types of content that best suited to each social media platform. Rule #1: Create Gary often suggests creating 100+ pieces of content for social media EVERY DAY. Research suggests theContinue reading “Marketing: the Gary Vee Method”

The 4 Hour Work-Week

Tim Ferriss’s ground-breaking book opens up the idea that businesses can be automated to an extreme level. After founding a nutrient/protein shake business (and having a nervous breakdown) Tim went on a 6-week break, during which he discovered the company nearly ran itself. On his return he found ways to further automate. He outsourced systems,Continue reading “The 4 Hour Work-Week”