How to Make it a New Year’s ReVolution

The start of a new year feels significant, as we can easily look back over the last 12 months and sum up our successes and failures. The idea of ‘starting fresh’ in a new year is attractive, but considering how many resolutions fail to stick, there has to be more than that to making longContinue reading “How to Make it a New Year’s ReVolution”

Lost Connections – How ‘Social’ Media Makes Us Lonely – Johann Hari

Social media makes us feel good. Every like, upvote, heart and retweet gives us a little dopamine boost. So while you get short term satisfaction from your ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ these social media cues don’t provide the same benefits as spending time with people face to face, and being part of a close social group.Continue reading “Lost Connections – How ‘Social’ Media Makes Us Lonely – Johann Hari”

Building an Audience? Start With “Why?” – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a one of the foremost advocates of value-centric business. In his ‘Start With Why’ speech, Simon talks about how to use core values to inform the messages we put across, and the effect it can have on your audience. He uses examples like Apple, Martin Luther King Jr and the Wright brothersContinue reading “Building an Audience? Start With “Why?” – Simon Sinek”

The 5:2 Diet – Dr Michael Mosley

The 5:2 diet is a great introduction to intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting simply means you pick periods of your week to stop eating. One of the simplest, and most pain-free examples is the 5:2 diet. The idea is that 2 days a week you only eat a very small amount, just enough to stave offContinue reading “The 5:2 Diet – Dr Michael Mosley”

Marketing: the Gary Vee Method

Gary Vee promotes content marketing above all else. In marketing there also needs to be an understanding about what is your brand message, and the types of content that best suited to each social media platform. Rule #1: Create Gary often suggests creating 100+ pieces of content for social media EVERY DAY. Research suggests theContinue reading “Marketing: the Gary Vee Method”

Minimalism Explained

Minimalism is a method of thinking about the things we keep in our lives. The most obvious way it is applied is to your possessions, but it can be used to improve many parts of your life. Possessions The things we keep have large effect on us. As well as occupying a physical space, eachContinue reading “Minimalism Explained”

Mindfulness 101: Stop emotions controlling your life

At its most basic mindfulness is a technique to step back from stress and emotion, to allow yourself to return to rational thought. Stepping out of your emotional state can be really beneficial in times of stress, allowing you to make better decisions. Try this quick excersise: try to think about how your body isContinue reading “Mindfulness 101: Stop emotions controlling your life”

Atomic Habits

Habits are our brains shortcuts to allow you to concentrate on more important things. Most people don’t think about how each lace wraps around the other, you just automatically tie your shoes. Habits (or automatic behaviours) can be split into 4 parts: Cue: the event that triggers a habit (e.g. you smell food) Response: howContinue reading “Atomic Habits”

The 4 Hour Work-Week

Tim Ferriss’s ground-breaking book opens up the idea that businesses can be automated to an extreme level. After founding a nutrient/protein shake business (and having a nervous breakdown) Tim went on a 6-week break, during which he discovered the company nearly ran itself. On his return he found ways to further automate. He outsourced systems,Continue reading “The 4 Hour Work-Week”