Inspiration – Does it matter?

After a long day work, doing some chores, eating and sitting down I’ve started to feel really un-inspired to write. With nothing in mind to write about it made that starting step that much harder.

So after short break from writing I noticed I’d been going against some other the advice from master habit-maker James Clear.

To get back into writing I’m going to try and re-adopt some useful methods to make writing as easy as possible.

1) Have a prompt

I now have a long list of topics that interest me. With a topic suggestion the actual process of writing will be a little easier

2) Take the pressure off

I’d like to keep writing regularly, but was putting myself under pressure to write 4/5 times a week. From now on I will make sure I’m happy with myself for writing once or twice a week.

With these points in mind, the process of just itting down and starting should make the difference between faltering, and persevering.

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