Clear Your Mind to Reach Creativity – Manoush Zomorodi

It is one of life’s universal truths that the most creative, random thoughts come to us in the shower. But why? And can you take these creative moments with you?

Humans are really good at processing information. We spend a lot of our days “plugged in” to video, radio, television, social media, conversation, hundreds of streams of information monopolizing our attention. During this time we’re stuck in a processing mindset.

In the shower, all of these things are taken away. Free from distraction our mindset shifts into “default” mode, where our ideas are free to bump into eachother. It’s in these moments we get our most profound, creative thoughts.

If you want to get more creative, put yourself in those situations more, swimming, walking, jogging, woodwork, knitting, any physical activity you can do on automatic. Without distraction you give yourself room for creative thoughts to come through.

In short: get bored, get creative

This article was inspired by Manoush Zomorodi’s book “Bored and Brilliant”

Thanks for reading!

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