Meditation for the Serially Successful – Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s hard to argue that Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been a success at almost every endeavour he has attempted. Bodybuilding, Acting, Politics. He’s reached the top of every field.

At the start of his career, Arnold was faced with a cluster of projects pulling his attention all over the place: bodybuilding, a movie career, real estate investment, and a documentary.

From an acquaintance Arnold was introduced to Transcendental Meditation, as a way to deal with stress and anxiety, and to train focusing the mind.

Using meditation techniques you can ‘disconnect’ the mind just for a few moments, enough to bring calm to the situation. After a year of practicing twice a day Arnold has been able to master this technique, and carried this amazing skill with him ever since.

Meditation or mindfulness techniques can be used to calm stress and anxiety, and the simplest route to achieve it is by focusing 100% on the physical sensations of the body. Arnold uses workouts to clear his mind of anything else but the feeling of the muscle working and he excersises, making meditation part of his routine.

You can hear Arnold talk about this and more in Tim’s book ‘Tools of Titans’

Thanks for reading!

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