Content is King – Gary Vee’s 64-Post Day Explained

Recently Gary Vee released a slideshow / deck that outlines the step-by-step process he and his team have used to create 64 pieces of social media content in a single day.

The key to this feat is speed. Many of the posts are created in seconds, and learning to use your phone’s tools efficiently and effectively means you can create a dazzling social media presence in the lift, or in line at lunch, or while your software loads.

The other thing it explains is how to design the right type of content and right type of presentation for each social media platform. One of the ways it synergizes well is how to adapt and manipulate your content to give it context across multiple platforms, meaning you can serve a single piece of content multiple times.

Some Examples:

Text Post

  • Think of a short message relating to a recent thought you had in your life and or business.
  • Write it on a notebook app on your phone.
  • Take a screenshot and crop it to size / square.
  • Post it on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.


  • Take a picture with a colleague or customer.
  • Write a quick description on your meeting or project you’re working on.
  • Post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Gary suggests you ‘document.’ Keeping content simple means you don’t have to think too hard, so you can keep producing content without burning out.

The deck of slides is available at Gary’s blog

For further reading:

Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too – Gary Vaynerchuk (2018)

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