The KonMari Method – Tidying Up your Life with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has popularised her KonMari method for living a life that ‘sparks joy.’ The idea is that everything in your life should be something that excites you and has purpose.

The method falls in line with other lifestyle philosophies like essentialism, minimalism and simple living. Take a moment to consider how each of your possessions make you feel. Consider if it is worth owning, and whether it improves your life.

The KonMari method is a way to review your possessions. These are broken down into five main categories:

1) Clothing

2) Books

3) Papers/Files

4) Miscellaneous

5) Sentimental Items

The process is simple. For example gather together all of your clothes into one huge pile. Take a look at how much you own (it’s probably more than you expected!)

Next hold each one in your hands and think about whether it ‘sparks joy.’ Do you feel like that item gets you excited to use/wear it? Do you feel joy from knowing how useful this item has been and will be again?

If it doesn’t spark joy you can let go of it. Donate or recycle it. Thank the item for its use.

If it does spark joy keep it ordered. Marie suggests some ways to store and organise things:

1) Store similar sized things together.

2) Use tray boxes to contains loose group of things.

3) Stack things on their side so you can easily see each one when you open the drawer/cupboard.

Marie suggests practicing the process of finding a joyful spark in our possessions can be trained, and that’s the reason she puts sentimental items last.

We often keep things because we feel we should because of some sentimental reason, so they can be the hardest to let go of.

Throughout this method you build up an awareness of the relationship we have with our possessions, positive and negative. With this awareness you can change your environment to give those relationships a positive bias.

If you’re interested in Marie’s work I suggest her Netflix series, and you can get the book here. If you buy the book through this link you help support the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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