3 Steps to a Healthy Sexual Relationship – Emily Nagoski

Having a strong sexual connection in a relationship is important to many people. It can be difficult to maintain this connection as other areas of our lives get in the way. In her TED talk Emily outlines a few things that couples can do to maintain a strong sexual connection.

1) Make sure you have friendship and trust.

The strongest relationships have a foundation in friendship, and trust is key when you’re asking your partner (or yourself) to go into an intimate situation.

Any negative emotions between you can be a barrier to intimacy. The best solution is to talk through your issues from a place of friendship and trust.

2) Prioritize Sex.

As a couple you need to agree that having sexual intimacy is important to you. There are a multitude of things you might get in the way, other commitments from work or family, travel, tiredness etc.

If you agree that sex is a priority you should be able to put some time aside for it, having a ‘date night’ set to allow for some private time with your partner.

3) Get into the mood with skin contact.

We don’t always feel in the right mindset for sex, especially after a long stressful day. If you’re not ‘feeling it’ then you can use skin contact to remind your bodies that you enjoy sex.

Cuddling afterwards is a proven sign of a strong relationship, so try prolonging the intimacy to promote your sexual connection further.

Watch Emily’s talk here:

Check out Emily’s Book ‘Come As You Are.’

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