Building an Audience? Start With “Why?” – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a one of the foremost advocates of value-centric business.

In his ‘Start With Why’ speech, Simon talks about how to use core values to inform the messages we put across, and the effect it can have on your audience.

He uses examples like Apple, Martin Luther King Jr and the Wright brothers to explain this. These people were able to inspire others, by always communicating their core values and beliefs. The famous speech is ‘I have a dream’ not ‘I have a plan.’

To help understand what this looks like, Simon explains his ‘golden circle:’

He splits each message into three types based on what area they are communicating:

What: What service/product do you provide?

How: How is it different/special?

Why: What core value has lead you to this?

Most people communicate the first two: What and How. This gives the audience rational reasons to buy a product or service.

It doesn’t reach the part of the brain involved in trust and belonging. This part is activated by understand the core belief behind the message.

Apple start with ‘why?’ Their entire brand is built on the idea that they innovate, push the status quo and put the customer experience first. The How and What follow, but it’s this core value that attracts and resonates with people on a trust level

It’s the reason you see people queueing around the block to get Apple’s latest release.

It is also this intuitive trust level that appeals more to the ‘early-adopters,’ those more willing to try something new and different if it resonates with them. Unlocking this audience can be the key to market penetration, as early-adopters act as influencers on the wider market.

Watch Simon’s fascinating presentation here:

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