Marketing: the Gary Vee Method

Gary Vee promotes content marketing above all else. In marketing there also needs to be an understanding about what is your brand message, and the types of content that best suited to each social media platform.

Rule #1: Create

Gary often suggests creating 100+ pieces of content for social media EVERY DAY.

Research suggests the average customer will only be aware of your brand after 6 encounters with it.

Considering the algorithmic nature of today’s social media, offering a large range of content is the best way to get noticed. Being present on these social channels gives a chance to engage with your audience, and build up a community.

With speed being the key, it’s important to have an efficient workflow, and clear brand values so you can communicate without overthinking.

Rule #2: Learn what works where

Certain types of media work differently on different platforms. A short piece of text can be perfect on Twitter, but completely fail on LinkedIn.

Become aware of these differences, by spending time on the platforms and looking around at what’s working.

Look for opportunities as well. Being an early adopter on an undervalued platform can pay off, with less competition for attention. Right now (November 2019) it’s TikTok and LinkedIn.

Rule #3: Find your message

We are bombarded with adverts all the time, and people are more and more aware of when they are being sold to.

Instead, try and share your brand message. Build a picture of the experience you create. Help your audience with insights and advice in your area of expertise.

The key is bringing value to your audience. When you bring value, your audience will want to be part of your community, and keep coming back.


Gary Vee suggests the key to successful businesses is to become a media company. Get the media right, and the rest of the business will rise with it.

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